Build Relationships with Bloggers: Three Essential Reasons Why Now

We’ve taken a couple of years to begin our indie publishing business, Eight Moons Publishing, and we have learned a lot of great tidbits along the way. So, we’re starting our publishing track for authors who feel like they, too, are ready to start a new adventure. Hopefully you’ll learn some things to do and what not to do as we delve a little deeper.

First we begin with book bloggers

Good book bloggers are interested in developing real relationships with authors. And we would argue that they are much more pleasant to deal with than most agents or publishers. Sorry, not sorry. They respond quickly and even answer questions on occasion. And we have learned a lot! Mainly, book bloggers are influencers (not to mention, wonderful people in most cases). As such, what do they have that you may not right now. . . ? 

That’s right 

Photo of the word "Influence" written on a fence over a railway. Thanks to Elijah Macelod from Unsplash for the photo.
Photo Credit: Elijah Macelod from Unsplash

If you’re traditionally published, or on track to be so, you may have a publicist that will do most of the startup of this work, though you’ll have to follow through. Sometimes it’s all down to you, so this knowledge is essential. If you’re just getting started down that route, here is Everything You Need to Know About Getting Traditionally Published.

If you’re looking to go Indie, we have a lot of information coming your way. We also have a great starting point at the end of this article, so stick with us to the end. Either way, you want to build a good relationship with book bloggers now and here are three essential reasons why. 

1. Book Bloggers ARE Your Audience

They want to read what you’re writing. If they like what you write, they can be super fans! And these super fans have fans. Despite how busy they are, the more they like your work and the better your relationship, the more willing they are to help you, however they can. And the more interactive you are in the right channels, the better they’ll feel about putting your work out into the world and introducing you to their friends.

Their many, many friends.

Many hands in a mime-like position being painted with a red heart. Photo Credit: Tim Marshall on Unsplash
Photo Credit: Tim Marshall on Unsplash

2. Book Bloggers Are Writers Themselves

They have a blog and they need content. Sometimes a blogger’s TBR list is a mile long or their personal lives (yes, they have those) are cluttered. Despite that, sometimes they are willing to help you in other ways.

For example:

We’ve done interviews, written blog articles, and put our book up in IndieStoryGeek. So take those opportunities however they’re presented.

Sign in window stating: Help Wanted. Photo Credit: Tim Mossholder on Unsplash.
Photo Credit: Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

3. Book Bloggers Want a Mutually Beneficial Partnership

(and so do you, believe us)

If you help them, they’ll be more willing to help you. Here’s how: promote them back. Of course, the absolute best time to promote your new blogging buddies is when they promote you.

If they write an article about your book, write about you, or publish a blog article you have written, then it’s your job to create a social media post. Thank them for reading your book, or for interviewing you, and note any specific praise they give or how easy they were to work with. When you do, make sure to include a url back to the specific article in your description, but don’t stop there!

You can promote them back by:

  • Subscribing to their newsletter
  • Read their newsletter when it comes
  • Comment on their posts (both in the blog and on social media)
  • Talk about them in conversations

It’s okay to be a super fan of a book blogger! They love it just as much as you do.

Three friends are laughing and looking at a computer together in a library. Photo credit: Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash
Photo credit: Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

Finally, keep in mind that book bloggers have the stamina and influence to help get the word out there about you. It’s important to put some of that same effort into promoting them. Not only will they be more willing to promote you, but they’ll start to feel like friends soon enough. Then the more books you write and publish, the bigger your personal fan base will become. Then you, in turn, can introduce them to your fans. 

Your many, many fans.

Win-win. (We love those!)

Two people giving each other a high five, only arms and hands are visible. Photo Credit: Jo Jo Hanness
Photo Credit: Jo Jo Hanness on Unsplash

Want more information on building relationships with book bloggers?

Then you’ll want to read Kriti K. from the Armed With a Book blog. Then you’ll want to read ‘s article on Making the Best of Author and Book Blogger Connections is full of eye opening information on building relationships within the blogging community.

Don’t know where to begin? Then you’ll want to check out our golden reference point for finding and reaching out to bloggers: Reedsy’s Best Book Review Blogs article. This is a great stockpile of information on bloggers such as:

  • Who to reach out to in which genres
  • Which bloggers read indie
  • Which don’t
  • Audience reach
  • And more

Happy relationship building! Let us know how it goes. We’re cheering for you!


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