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Writing Basics Downloads

6 Tips for Creating Dynamic Characters
Handout on Character Development
Free downloadable worksheet that uses the 4 corners opposition technique to help writers create dynamic characters and find the theme of their book.
4 Corners Opposition Technique Worksheet for Dynamic Characters and Theme
Writing Basics under Writing Resources
How to Begin a Novel Worksheet
Questions to ask Critiquers

Writing Life Downloads

Writing Life downloads are for all those little things writers use every day. From time management to inspiration to resources, this category has what you need to be a more efficient writer. We add new downloads monthly!

time management tips for more efficient writing free download freebie handout
10 Time Management Tips for More Efficient Writing
NaNoWriMo Coloring Page
NaNoWriMo Coloring Page Tracker
NaNoWriMo Calendar
NaNoWriMo Calendar Word Count Tracker

Do Not Disturb Signs for Writers

There Better Be Blood
If You Bug Me During My Writing…
If You’re Here to Tattle…
New York Times Best Seller
Shh… Masterpiece in Progress
I’m Writing, Do Not Disturb

Story Structure Downloads

Downloads in the story structure section include anything that can help shape your story or develop the plot. Vanilla Grass works hard to add new downloads monthly!

7-act story structure free writing downloads
7-Act Story Structure
Freytag's Pyramid - 5-act story structure free writing downloads
Freytag’s Pyramid
Save the Cat! Beat Sheet - 14 point plot structure free downloads
Save the Cat! Beat Sheet
4-act story structure free downloads
4-Act Story Structure
Hauge's 6-Stage story plot structure - free downloads
6-Stage Plot Structure
fall-rise story arc yoga free writing downloads
Fall-Rise Story Arc Yoga
Writing Basics under Writing Resources - 7 simple story plots for writing books that sell
Handout on Basic Story Plots

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